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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Respect you bro!

I have a friend. Well, more to BFF actually. So loyal with his first crush. I'll bet he still likes her until now. As a friend, I also wanna know about his first crush. What I know about my friend and his crush is:

They when to the same secondary school.

They are best friend from the start.

They share problems together.

Well, I also know her name of course.

Just now, I had this thought, "Let see how glamour she is". 

And there I go. Stalking her Facebook. It's not like I'm jealous or whatsoever. Duh. I just wanna know about her. From the picture I saw, she's tall, has a pair of dimple, and a simple person. Not too glamour like the actress. lol.

My mind think again. He chooses to like someone that so simple. That wears anything and doesn't care how people says about her. Maybe he likes her because of her sincerity in friendship, her wisdom and her talent. That's why I respect you so much bro!

I wonder do you still like her until now? :D 

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