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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Something nice, we should keep it in silence :)

Hi, there ! It have been a long time I left my precious blog without updating it.. Sorry (^^)" So, how was your day? Nice? Well, we're not always okay right? ;)

Back to the topic. "Something nice, we should keep it in silence". Well, I write based on my observation. But if something wrong somewhere, please do tell me :) I'm still a human that not always flawless though. In your opinion, should we tell someone or somebody about kindness you have been done towards society, or maybe just among of your friends? To me, its the same thing like boasting around~ Well, not just in Islam, every religion in this world, teach us to be humble in everything that we do. Do it with sincerity. Not for people's appreciation.

Moreover, doing something nice, or move towards a nice thing also no need to tell other people, right? It's something that we have do for the sake of our God. It's not that necessary to tell the whole world that you have donate some total of MYR, or you had help the poor people, or you had change your lifestyle to a better way. NO NO NO~ In Islam, it is call as Riya' and has been categorized in Syirik Khafi [more about Syirik Khafi click here]. Nauzubillah, I don't want to be like that either.

I'm not a pious girl that always talk something religious thing here. I'm still a human that searching the truth, so I observe it using my eyes, by looking everything that have happen around me. It's just my opinion. As long as I can avoid from being ungrateful servant to Allah SWT, that's fine by me :) If you do something nice, something that give benefit to someone, just remain your kindness in silence. Allah knows about what you're doing. Say Alhamdulillah, instead of  waiting some rewards from Him. Do something for the sake of Allah SWT. Don't ever think about people's compliment towards you.

Sometimes, I'm scared people won't accept what I'm trying to say, but after I had asked most of my friends' opinion, I have a little bit courage, to spill my thought here. May Allah ease us. InsyaAllah. To people who won't accept my opinion just because I'm not an ustazah, or a pious girl, I won't mind (^^,). I just don't want to be ungrateful person to their Creator :') Nauzubillah minzalik.

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Till the next entry, May peace be upon you...

Thanks for dropping by :)

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