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Sunday, December 9, 2012

My buddy and Me :D

I still remember the day I met him..  My best buddy.. It was a gloomy day... Yet, I was frustrated with the people and all the environment around me.. That evening, I had Chemistry tutorial class.. It was my not-so-well subject.. Man, it's hard for me to get along with this subject. At first, my buddy and I never talk to each other.. Everybody look so arrogant, so do I... :D But that evening, he did something that I would never expect he would do that to me. He's hitting me with his big heavy bag, and it really do hurt me. After that, I chased him  with all my effort. It was an involuntary action to chase him. With my Kurung, I chased him around the lecture hall. I was upset. I told him, " Why do you hit me with your bag? It's hurting me!!"

"Hahaha.. Serves you right!!!", he laughed at me while I'm trying to gasp some air.

Then, all my classmates come to us, laughed at me, because seeing me running with my Kurung. They teased me, but my buddy keep laughing. " Stop it!! Did I've done something wrong at you? Why do you hit me with your big bag???", I shouted at him.

"Hahahaha.. Just for fun~~ Relax", he told me. I was upset that day and it's hard to smile like I used to be. If you guys see my moody face, you'll feel scared to talk to me :D Then he walked with me.

" Dude, I'm sorry.. I just want to talk with you", he said.

"Why did you do that? Is it difficult to say 'Hi', 'Hello', rather than hitting me with your bag? I'll kill you someday", I said to him with full of anger. But my classmates including my buddy too, keep laughing because they can't forget my style while I'm chasing him with my purple Kurung.

*to be continued*

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  1. hey i could imagine you're chasing him.. really funny.. purple kurung will be your sweet memory then. :) done follow you. :)

    1. yup :) He's quite annoying, but he's also a caring friend :D thanks for following alyssa <3


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