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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tutorial embedded comment (reply the comment)


HE HE ♫ Hari ni nak aku nak ajar balas komen kat situ jugak, tak payah guna button apa ke bagai.. Paham tak ni ? takpe, takpe meh aku tunjukkan gambar ye :D

Hah, jadi macam gambar tuh XD

Okey, jom start... HE HE HE ☺

1- Pergi ke setting dulu.

2- Pastu klik ke Comment

3- Kemudian, tick dekat "Embed below post"

4- Pastu, klik Save... Tadaaa~ siap dah :)

Sebenarnya, aku pun baru jumpa tutorial ni.. HA HA ♫ So, agak jakun sikit lah :) ngehehe~ okeylah, babai

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