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Sunday, March 18, 2012

miss my parent.. ;'( and JMC annual Dinner ~


First thing first, esok dah kena balik KMJ.
and esok ade annual dinner.. ade je yang tak puas ati pasal annual dinner tu.
Bagi aku, ok jer.. biaselah, annual dinner peringkat kolej.
maybe sebab aku pernah gi annual dinner time kat asrama dulu kot..
nothing different to me... yang penting makan.. okeylah, it's just my opinion. ^^
to me, everything that happened, we should take it, but not rejecting it.
and esok jugak, aku ade buat prsembahan silat.. hekhek~ first time kot buat persembahan kat KMJ!
takpe, last memory kat KMJ, insyaAllah ^^

okey, bout my parent.. sekarang ni diaorang ade kat Tanah Suci Mekah.
memang rindu sangat-sangat.. aku harap diaorang selamat perjalanan pergi dan balik


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